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Nord cape Tripwildcamp/Cabin 20-07-2024 / 10-08-2024 2 spots left

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The North Cape trip! Enjoy ultimate freedom and learn how travel can be different, in 7500km through Norway you can become a totally different motorcyclist!

As so many have already noticed, I offer motorbike trips! And not just any motorbike trip! I offer the motorbike trip of a lifetime, in the style of Mike On The Bike! Through my years of experience in this beautiful country and having travelled approximately to 100,000 kilometres through Norway on a motorbike, wild camping from the south to the Russian border, and having had a lot of contact with local people. Because of this, I have created the most beautiful routes through which you will see Norway as it should be, so also off the asphalt onto gravel roads (You don't have to be a pro at off-roading, and off-road tyres are not necessary either), enjoying the almost untouched nature with mountain landscapes and Fjords!

Now I can already hear you say but I have no experience.... That doesn't matter, if you join my trip I will take you all the way through this and teach you everything, before the trip and in the trip! Really everything is gone through in detail! This trip is all about you and you also learn a lot, how do I find a wild camping spot, where and how do I wash myself in nature, how do I find the nicest roads, which motorbike suit do I need etc etc. So make your list of questions too. If you book this trip, you get the basic training for free! This will be done in groups with the people you go on the trip with!


Imagine a dream come true! Stand at the end of the world on the northernmost tip of mainland Europe, right we are talking about the North Cape! Stay overnight at Skarsvåg the world's northernmost fishing village, take a look at Honningsvåg the northernmost town in mainland Europe. Experience the day and night light combined with almost all weather forecasts, it could just be 30 degrees but rain or very occasionally even snow can also occur in this trip! You drive among reindeer and Elk, you see sea eagles. In many places along the northern coast you will have the chance to see dolphins, white-finned dolphins, porpoises, white-beaked dolphins and pilot whales. This is due to sea currents and the presence of food. You will also go on an 8-hour boat trip on the Lofotten, where you will be taken by the enthusiastic family company, so you can often go and see a lot, dolphins, puffins, orcas, whales, bald eagles. Norway has different landscapes each time stunningly beautiful! Discover huge waterfalls, glaciers and other natural violence! The middle part of Norway goes down the entire coastline, and in the south we end up in the Valhalla of mountains and fjords! The north again has vast expanses of plains where we go in search of Norway's gold the fruit molte. Molte is a yellow-orange, soft and juicy drupe. The perennial herb belongs to the blackberry genus in the rose family. They are considered a delicacy . That is why hikers like to keep it a secret when they find an area with Molte. Molten can be eaten plain or used for jam, liqueur, yoghurt. They cost quite a lot in the supermarket, because in practice they have to be picked by hand in the wild. But we can also find blueberries in abundance!

This journey is about what your mind experiences in combination with what you feel with your body! You leave your 9-of-5 rhythm at home for a while, and live in a very free and open way on and around your bike. On this trip, you really discover the power of nature, away from the busy overpopulated world. I teach you to enjoy mother nature, and her space and silence. We don't know today where we will camp tomorrow, of course I know the most beautiful spots! It's literally a bit of how the wind blows and where the rain falls, or where the sun shines and so conditions are most favourable. The huge quiet remote wild camping spots bring a silence inside you that you can't experience anywhere else with views that are stunning and that a hotel can't compete with! Homesickness for home no longer exists, homesickness for Norway... well that's what you have to live with!

Want to experience what it's like to camp alone? Then of course you are free to go away from the group for 1 or 2 nights to get your experience, to camp alone and thus how it feels to be alone (I am always around)!

The long drives through Norway also always bring about conversations with each other and with yourself, this brings about fun and sometimes emotional conversations around the campfire, these moments are very valuable you are after all for 3 weeks you are a bit of family/friends of each other 24/7. The trip to the North Cape also does something to you as a person yourself! During the day, you ride alone or in pairs (in groups is also possible). Every day we compete for the honour of taking the best photos and the story behind the photo. Also, during the trip, you will sometimes pick the wild camping spots together! Several evenings we will make a campfire and thus also chop wood, so we can prepare food over the fire and then go over the day with each other and exchange experiences.


Camping, yes we also go to the campsite where we can wash our clothes and ourselves thoroughly with a nice sauna included if possible! We embrace the rain by being well prepared, if it rains a lot we spend more time at the campsite/log cabin because we don't have to punish ourselves! This is where you can really unwind, because we will arrive at the campsite in the afternoon. I make sure you can relax by arranging everything for washing clothes and drogen✌️. These nights are included in the price!

Is Norway expensive? Yes and no! This is because you do it the Mike On The Bike way, wild camping. And you do your shopping fresh every day (this is at your own expense) and with tips on what to buy and what not to buy, and possibly catch your own fish both from the sea and freshwater! This is not only fun... but also super fresh and therefore super tasty! Something different from the packet from the supermarket...!

I will also teach you how to look through a camera and possibly start your own blog so that the home front can jealously follow you with beautiful photos/films that make the whole thing a complete picture. Basic social media tips are also part of this, of course!


Basic Training (in advance so not during the trip!)

Increase your motorbike experience + confidence on all surfaces and start your experience with the Basic Training. This training is for anyone with an Adventure bike, no matter what brand!

In 1 day, you will learn different things like riding offroad. You will learn the most important stances and techniques to control your bike offroad. After this training, you and your bike will be even more friends and your Adventure journey can begin, and you will have had a safe fun day. For more info



you will also learn all the basics on adventure! How to make a fire with wet wood? How to choose the right wild camping spot, how to clean your self-caught fish? How to protect yourself from the well-known Lapland mosquito, knaking etc etc etc!



We discuss what you especially don't need, which is what I teach you around camping and riding. So what do I especially not take with me on the bike and what do you really really need. Taking less with you is more fun! And ask yourself whether you like riding in the rain every day, because chances are you do. Bring nice clothes? no.... We're not going to run a fashion show are we?


Before it's that far, I'll take you through what insurance you need, what happens if you have bad luck? We will also check together whether your bike is still in good shape and which tyres to choose, and which ferry to take to Norway. We will also discuss the choice of clothing and motorbike accessories you might need (a reduced price applies if the products are bought in the webshop And so more topics will be discussed and all your questions will be answered! So make your list of questions!


Prior to the trip, I will advise you on the following:

- insurance, because what happens if you are unlucky? How things work out in Norway

- Engine + tyres, making sure it is all set for the adventure

- (motorbike) clothing

- Camping equipment

- Ferry (crossings not included)

- CAUTION You are booking an adventure and not a 5-star hotel holiday!

- We check your engine!


What's in the price?

Overnight stays, laundry tokens both for showers and washing machines and dryers. Wifi, sauna and whirlpool in the campsites. Basic off-road training. The trip with all kinds of tips and the unforgettable experience through me years of experience, you see Norway well in 1 x without having to put in years of work, with the necessary beginners' mistakes! The 8-hour Waletour on the lofoten, the entrance to the North Cape and real insider knowledge!


What should you pay for yourself?

Food and fuel, insurance, ferry and tolls/ferry crossings. Breakdown en route etc.


I can't make it more fun, but I can make it easier ✌️

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