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S1 Ground Anchor

  • S1 Ground Anchor
  • Product Code: 5061052270389
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  • € 99.99
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  • NEW! After months of design, testing and accreditation our latest product the abba S1 Ground Anchor has finally arrived...

The abba S1 Ground Anchor is the ultimate choice in security for your motorcycle, bicycle, car, ATV, trailer, caravan and anything else you wish to chain to the ground.

Our ground anchor uses an industry first, huge 20mm thick, one piece hardened steel shackle combined with a 12mm thick Stainless Steel base plate, which is pressed and CNC machined from one solid billet piece. Supplied with x4 chemical glass resin capsules and Stainless Steel bolts this forms an easy yet extremely secure fit. Not only does this anchor stand head and shoulders above anything else with regards to standard of materials used, it also has a striking look that just oozes class!

Quality assured

The abba S1 Ground Anchor is made from the finest materials and is superior to any other anchor available on the market today. To back this up our anchor is Thatcham category 3 approved, giving it the highest approval available for a security device. Thatcham or "Thatcham Quality Assured" as it commonly known, is widely recognised amongst motorists for its testing and certification of vehicle security products. For a product to earn this certification it must first have satisfied the rigorous demands of Thatcham’s testing and certification process to meet the high standards and criteria set by the experts. Quite simply, if a product carries the Thatcham Quality Assured trademark – you can rely on it!

Click here if you wish to see our Thatcham Quality Assured certificate.

Click here if you wish to learn more about Thatcham and their product assessment process.

Why A stainless steel base plate?

A common problem on many ground anchors is that after just a few times of passing a large heavy chain through or across the base plate the paint starts to chip or wear away from this area. This results in a bare metal finish causing the unit to rust prematurely and look unsightly. Our stainless Steel base plate will still look like new time after time. A further common issue for the average ground anchor is the shackle and base plate often corrode after time as the paint finish wears away from the two parts rubbing together. This often causes these two parts to bind up, become rusty, unsightly and difficult to use. With abba's Stainless Steel base plate this can never happen due to the material's anti corrosion properties. This will allow years of hassle free use even when used in extreme outdoor conditions.

Why Glass Resin Capsules?

Our anchor system uses chemical glass resin capsules to secure the anchor to the ground. These resin capsules are becoming very popular within many industries from building to aerospace because of their ease of fitting and extreme strength when fitted. They allow the average home owner to fit the ground anchor with general DIY tools. The drill bit supplied will fit virtually any DIY drill. (Expanding bolts would often require a large 16mm+ diameter drill that would need more professional equipment). Resin capsules have the added benefit of being able to be fitted at the very corner of a garage/shed floor. An expanding type bolt would often cause the edge of the concrete floor to crack or split due to the expansion pressure thus causing a weak setup and possible damage to the sub floor.

What is Included in the kit?

  • X1 - 20mm Diameter one piece, fully welded hardened shackle.
  • X1 - 12mm Thick Stainless Steel polished base plate.
  • X4 - High quality, extreme strength glass chemical resin capsules.
  • X4 - Stainless Steel Countersunk bolts.
  • X4 - Anti attack ball bearings.
  • X1 - Fully hardened masonry drill bit.
  • X1 - Dust blow flexi tube.
  • X1 - Straight shank hex key (Used with drill).


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