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Aspheric aluminium mirror body aspherical

  • Product Code: 36400-002
  • Availability: 2-3 days
  • € 60.91
  • Ex Tax: € 50.34

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Perfect, first-class CNC manufactured aluminium mirrors which effectively enhance the BMW and provide huge safety benefits through their aspheric (2 planes) mirror glass.

An optimal perspective, the best rear view possible over a considerably greater range and without any blind spots. You can increase the safety benefits even further with a longer mirror stem (100 mm is approximately the same as the original).

Finally you can see more than just your own shoulders. Each mirror can be assembled individually.

Important notes before ordering:

1) To see if your bike can be fitted with the mirrors see if it is listed with the adapters (next page).

2) Every mirror assembly (one side) needs to have 1 mirror body, 1 stem and 1 vehicle related fitting adapter.
Part numbers are for a single part only!

3) Before ordering, please measure the length of your mirror stem to make sure you order the correct stem length.

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